The Soul Aligned Success Strategy for a thriving, rich, freedom filled life is a 12 module self paced course where we work with spirit to reveal your unique life purpose and the EXACT steps you need to take to experience the FREEDOM, FULFILLMENT, FUN and FLOW you KNOW is meant for you!

When you work with spirit you get results FAST.


Are you ready to answer the call?

S.A.S.S teaches you how to have the happiness, flow, abundance and love, freedom you desire and equips you with must-have tools and understanding on how to CREATE, MANIFEST and RECEIVE everything you want.

These are practical and magical techniques that are tried and tested not only by myself, but those who have already been through this framework with me! 

I have put this into an easy to follow, move at your own pace course that you can log into time and time again! There are 12 video modules, with accompanying worksheets to help you dive deeper into your HOLISTIC spiritual wealth.


This course offers ACCELERATED spiritual growth, connecting you to your most authentic, free and powerful self.


It will help you too....

‚ú®Get unstuck and BACK into your power and massive action

‚ú®Connect with and strengthen your intuition

‚ú®Release blocks that are preventing you from getting what you desire

‚ú®Come home to your true self

‚ú®Align with your souls’ purpose

‚ú®Establish a solid foundation grounded in connection with your higher self and source

‚ú®Have a skillset you use for the rest of your life

‚ú®Make your dreams a reality

Because here is the truth... When you step into your power of aligning with your soul you uncover the unlimited possibilities this life has to offer.

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Instant access to all 12 modules and accompanying workbooks to dive into the material right now!

I'm so in!

If I know one thing about spirit... it is that when we say a wholehearted yes - It moves FAST.

We can create massive shifts and movement in our lives in the matter of moments if we decide. 

When you reclaim your power, and step into the most authentic, magical, in tuned version of yourself, you see it show up in EVERY area of your life.

That is why this is called the Soul Aligned Success course. Because when you are in soul alignment, this means in ALL areas of your life... 


Here are just some examples below!

People who are in alignment with their soul experience:


‚ú®Deep connection




‚ú®Deep fulfillment


‚ú®More joy

‚ú®Increased abundance

‚ú®Increased positivity

‚ú®Vibrant health

‚ú®Financial flow





‚ú®Healthy relationships

‚ú®Accept their whole selves

‚ú®Restful sleep

‚ú®Nourishment from within

‚ú® Energy to do the things you WANT to do


‚ú®Longevity with good health

 ‚ú®Remember your passions and dreams - they are an important part of your purpose!

‚ú®Reawaken yourself to wholeness, unity, and abundance

‚ú®Learn how the Universe works and how it can work for you

‚ú®Learn how to recognize the signs that the Universe is constantly sharing and are all around you!

‚ú®Raise your vibration

‚ú®Learn different energy techniques to ground, nurture and nourish yourself

‚ú®Overcome self doubt & fear

‚ú®Increase confidence

‚ú®Reclaim your power

‚ú®Learn how to connect with Source energy

‚ú®Identify and heal your patterns, blocks, and limiting beliefs

‚ú®Finally claim the life you’ve always wanted

‚ú®Learn the secrets of how to set intentions, manifest, & co-create all your desires

Get instant access now!


Save $333 right now!

Instant access to all 12 modules and accompanying workbooks to dive into the material right now!

I'm so in!


This program is all about doing the work to get you to that next level that you want.

Your vision is possible.

Your success is possible.

Your ideal life is possible.

You wouldn't want the things you want unless you were supposed to have them.

If you feel the resonance, that inner ‘yes’, even if it’s a ‘yes, but', that’s the signal that something is trying to emerge NOW.

You saying YES to your yes, is what sets you up for the quantum leap you’ve been waiting for.

This is your time. This is your year. Let’s take it to the next level together!

Lisa is an absolute gem in my life! Without getting into too much of my personal life, I think it’s safe to say that some people, at one point in their life, have felt lost and needed to return to themselves. I famously have said “I just want to be ME again!”. And the universe listened and in walked Lisa to my life!

As a person, she has an incredible way of making you feel safe and gives you that “at home” feeling right away. Not to mention her infectious energy and laugh make readings and working with her so much fun! As a medium and coach, she is the real deal, always guiding with messages from spirit and she blew me away the first time I had a reading with how accurate the information was that no one else would know.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with her for almost two years, from random readings to manifestation courses/groups, to one-on-one coaching. In the short time that we’ve worked together, Lisa has been able to guide and help me in many different areas (love, relationships, career, etc). As well as, educate me on manifesting, setting intentions, and more! If you’re on the fence, take the leap with Lisa! I would recommend her to anyone!

Thank you, Lisa, for radiating love, always being authentic, and sharing your light and gift with the world!

Always appreciative of you and forever sending you love,

Xox - Rebecca