She is awakening!

We are currently experiencing a profound transition that involves the complete dismantling of our system. This transition has been predicted for thousands of years, and it is calling for us to awaken to our true identity before we forget. This awakening is beyond what we have been conditioned to believe...


Welcome to the awakening of the Divine Feminine.

If you are experiencing an increase in your intuitive senses, a deep desire to serve, and a craving for more freedom, time, and money, then this is for you. And let's face it, you wouldn't be reading this if the universal law of attraction wasn't at work.

You are here to help usher in this new era, the era of the Divine Feminine. She is awakening, and she is rising. I am here to speak for her.


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​This sacred work is for you if:

You feel something's missing.
Deep within you feel a calling.
You're seeking, aching, longing for more.
You've always known you were meant for more.

Well love, YOU WERE RIGHT!

You ARE meant for so much more!
There's an inherent POWER  within you that unlocks ALL of the 
ABUNDANCE, FREEDOM, MIRACLES, & MAGIC that's meant for you!

It's where you'll finally access the DEEP CONNECTION, FULFILLMENT, PURPOSE and MEANING you're craving.

All of this is possible for you.

Not only is it possible...

It’s all right there within you waiting to be...

Awakened. Remembered. Activated. Restored.

​I’m here to help you RECLAIM ALL OF IT.

If you're SO DONE WITH THE motherf*%king struggle...
If you're ready for it ALL to be EASIER...

Then this Awakening The Divine Feminine course is for YOU.


You feel like there’s something missing, BECAUSE THERE HAS BEEN.

You've been lied to.

Cut Off.

From what's TRUE and REAL and MEANT FOR YOU. 

There is so much MORE available to you than you can even imagine.

YOU are so much MORE than you've been told.

You've been operating without an ESSENTIAL part of your being.


SHE is The Divine Feminine and SHE within each and every one of us.

SHE is what is rising in the world right now.

SHE is calling YOU to awaken and REMEMBER.

The Divine Feminine is EVERYTHING you’ve been missing AND EVERYTHING you need to get what you want.

SHE is the path to your most FULFILLED, most ALIGNED and most JOYFUL LIFE possible.

This Course was created with Spirits direction and will show you how to...

MANIFEST AND CO-CREATE ALL YOU DESIRE, AND how to OWN it, without guilt or shame.




Learn all about HER and how to apply all of the teachings to your daily life

See miracles happen right before your eyes

Experience the Connection and Clarity we all DEEPLY DESIRE

Receive Powerful Activations and Sacred Initiations

Heal blocks that hold you back from living the life you want

Release limiting beliefs that prevent you from moving forward

Reunite with your True -WHOLE- Self

Remember what is True. and Real. and what is Actually Important.


I am SO in!!!

You will also learn how to:

🧘 - Deepen your spiritual practice or establish one if you don’t have one yet

πŸ’° - Easily Manifest Abundance

🀝 - Co-create all your desires

🌟 - Awaken your Divine Gifts

πŸ’ͺ - Enhance your health

πŸ’‘ - Become the shining light the world so badly needs

πŸ€— - Feel safe & supported

Even in the deepest darkness, there is Light. We are the Light. And when you work with that you are GUARANTEED something magical and illuminated will emerge.

If you feel called to this, if this speaks to you, if this stirs something within you...then this is for YOU.

You were BORN FOR THIS time.

​You have been training for this very time for lifetimes.

Your dress rehearsal is over.

Together we have the power to heal each other and the world.

Your time is now.


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Module 1 

Initiates POWERFUL ACTIVATIONS and a DEEP REMEMBRANCE as we explore what exactly the Divine Feminine is. You will experientially feel into her and all she brings. A  true coming home to your WHOLE SELF as you reclaim
our Sacred Self & Embody HER inside of YOU; LIBERATING you from the confines you’ve been living in.


Module 2 

 We dive in deeper and get really clear about what traits come from Divine Feminine and Masculine and what traits are wounded masculine and feminine-  so you get a deep, eye opening understanding of how deeply conditioned-how deeply we have been taught to forget - who we TRULY are. Then you can truly BREAK FREE from past conditioning.


Module 3

 Explores the EXPANSIVE and LIMITLESS nature of the Divine Feminine and the multitude of gifts she brings- including Intuition, Wisdom, Magic and Creativity.
We open into her expansiveness by connecting to the realm of possibilities.  Here, you will rediscover the NATURAL GIFTS you were born with; that have been there all along.


Module 4

 We visit the scarcity mindset and linear view that we've been conditioned to operate out of.
Then we dive into The Magical. The Mystical. The Mystery. The Quantum. Abundance and Wholeness. Which is how you are TRULY MEANT TO LIVE


Module 5

Is a TOTAL GAME CHANGER as we get into money and worthiness. Be prepared for some MASSIVE SHIFTS and DEEP SACRED HEALING. We're talking on all levels here - Financially, Emotionally, Mentally and Physically!


Module 6 

You'll learn about the abilities the Divine Feminine comes with including:
πŸŒ™ The Ability to have and choose the LIFE YOU ARE MEANT FORπŸŒ™The Ability to MAKE A DIFFERENCE
πŸŒ™The Ability to MANIFEST what you desire
πŸŒ™To CALL IN what you desire
πŸŒ™To RECEIVE what you desire


​Module 7 

Is an ADVANCED Manifesting Training. You'll learn how to actually Co-create with the Universe!  Manifesting and Co-Creating are your Divine Feminine SUPERPOWERS!  They REALLY do work! You REALLY can have all the things you desire!


Module 8

 Concentrates on more of HER ESSENCE through the practices of Gratitude, Pleasure, Joy and Self Care. You'll also receive a detailed action plan for how to move forward IN ALIGNMENT with ALL OF WHO YOU ARE.



Spirit has guided me to drop the price of this important work so it's more accessible to as many people as possible!

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Lisa is an Intuitive Life & Business Success Coach, 2X International Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Spiritual Guide.

She is a Channel and has helped hundreds of international clients find their path, stay on track, navigate their future plans, strategize business and career choices, heal relationships and more!

She's amazing at helping people align with their true purpose and in turn they feel tremendous confidence; enjoy deeper happiness; attract more love; avoid health struggles; and create more abundance and freedom
— in other words, finally live the lives they were born to live.

Through a deep understanding of energy, Lisa helps you break through your hidden blocks and create a powerful intuitive awareness, giving you a unique edge in your personal and professional growth.

It's Lisa's mission to help make the world a better place by helping people enjoy incredible happiness, joy and deep fulfillment by aligning with their soul.


Her passion for her work stems from her own healing journey.
After years of self-medicating, she hit rock bottom, an experience she acknowledges as a tremendous blessing and the wakeup call she needed to turn her life around, accept her intuitive gifts, and use them to serve others.

Read more about that here

In addition to her other work, she hosts free weekly intuitive readings on my Facebook page, Lisa Stamper Mind-Body-Spirit to help guide you through the coming week.


I am so in! (Join for only $88 now!)