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1. The Peace Ray Activation

2. The Full Body Alignment Activation

3. A Morning + Night Energy Clearing 

 Chances are if you're here, you feel A LOT... 

Even ALLL the things, and it's damn overwhelming at times.

As an empath we naturally feel more deeply than most.

I like to think of it as we are naturally in tune.

 But with that comes feeling drained and overstimulated, especially when you combine it with the busyness of life and all the happenings in the world. 

It can feel TOO MUCH and we need relief... STAT.

A quick energy reset to get you feeling calm, balanced and grounded.

  I know what it's like and how hard it can be, which is exactly why I created this bundle for you.

My name is Lisa...

It is my passion and goal to support you in creating your most aligned, liberated and abundant life.  

And want you to know you are not alone AND there is nothing wrong with you.

I know how lonely, uncomfortable and overwhelming it feels when you can feel all the things.

I've been there and I completely understand.

And doesn't have to keep being this way.

I can help.

When I started my journey more than 15 years ago there wasn't anything like this available. As such, I went through a lot of trial and error (and money!) to find out what actually worked.  

Because we get to feel good.

So now I've made it my mission  to make your path easier, which is why I created these resources for YOU; so you can come back into alignment, peace and calm quickly, grounding you into the present moment.

These are the exact tools thousands of my clients around the world and I use everyday.

They have made and continue to make HUGE and lasting differences in our lives.

They build a strong foundation, helping you to feel more comfortable in the world. 

They literally give you the strength to navigate life with more ease and grace, so you can get to being who you are meant to be.   

Ummm yes please!!!


When you sign up now, you get instant access to the...


1. The Morning and Night Energy Clearing -

Start your day right with a strong foundation that guides, guards, shields and protects  you all throughout. At night, rest easy knowing you have cleared and released anything that no longer serves you, as well as activating protection and a good, restful nights sleep.

2. The Peace Ray Activation - 

A quick 4 minute attunement that effectively disconnects you from the outer world, aligning you with inner peace, joy and happiness- I literally feel like I can breathe easy regardless of the what's going on around me with this one!

3. The Full Body Alignment Activation -

13 minutes to ground, realign and open your entire energetic body - a complete energy reset. 

This was made for you - and you can download it for free right now below!

Get INSTANT access to the bundle right now!